Friday, February 6, 2009

Break-ups and make-ups

I dated a girl in high school. She's exactly the type of girl you'd figure I would date back in the late 1990s. She liked sports, she was really smart, her parents were non-divorced, she was extremely thin and overall pretty average looking. Blonde, pale skin, tall, cute in a nerdy way. She was flat-out respectable. That's what I wanted. To be respectable. Not so much her.

I broke up with her twice in the span of about a week in Feburary 1997. The last time I wrote a note and read it over the phone to her. Purdue played at Indiana in a Tuesday night ESPN game. My mom and sister couldn't believe I was going to do that so they listened to the call and nearly died of laughter. It was the end of that. Nothing against her, I just ... wasn't ... that ... into ... dating her.

We had stayed in touch throughout the years ... maybe talking once or twice a year. History has treated her right. You wouldn't call her a hot chick by any means, but if she walked into a bar you'd probably think, "eh, she's pretty cute." the Truth would immediately want to set up a "solid date" with her.

She messaged me on Facebook an hour ago and we made some small talk. She then told me she had a question to ask me and that she'd probably have to wait until she was drunk until she could ask. I immediately went into McGregor-mode which allows me to answer any question at all, totally honest while being totally flippant.

"Why'd you break up with me in high school?"

I gave her straight answers. It's pretty hilarious. Told her thegodshonesttruth that I had no interest having a girlfriend, how that much like now I'm not going to give a girl any time if I'm not head-over-heels about her, and that since we mostly just made out on her couch when her parents weren't home back then, the prospects of fun booty calling didn't exist.

She laughed (I presume) and said, "too bad we're not having this conversation in person, so you could see this hotness when we're drunk."

Was she admitting that she's only hot when drunk? Possible.

I then asked her the only question that could make her wantable and/or hot.

"I heard you were married?"

She said, "your information is dated."

The big D! Divorce Rock City!

Bummer though. She would have been hotter had she been married.

Rocked a "take care" and went on my way giving her closure after 12 years. She also told me I'm the only person who's ever dumped me. I think there are somewhere around 30-35 girls that have dumped me.

Moved onto the Truth. He signed on Facebook and we started chatting, he said:

how do I find all the people who sent me friend requests on this stupid thing?
I explained to him and look at what happened:

[Truth] and [McGinley] are now friends.
The circle of life. The wheel of fortune.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

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