Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Penises of America

"Dear Casey Carlson,

Stop being so hot.

The Penises of America"

The Godfather uttered this pledge-like plea moments before Casey Carlson took the stage. She didn't stop being hot but the "American Idol" hopeful stopped being talented. She sucked. I am saying she sucked. I have been blogging about this girl for a month and even I can admit she sucked. Keep in mind, I refuse to say LeBron James ever had a bad game. Just a bad "quarter," or a bad "42 minutes."

While Carlson probably envisioned this trip on "Idol" has her chance to get discovered; she crashed and burned, looked nervous (even before she sang ... I watched up her on the platform when the other participants had center stage) and will have to settle for just being another really hot chick. Being a "really hot chick" has its perks. She will get the benefit of the doubt every time for the rest of her life, get whatever she wants whenever she wants it and pretty much will have her choice of wealthy men.

"She's just got perfect tits." - The Godfather

I voted for her three times and hope she makes the final 12.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

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