Friday, October 31, 2008

185-Brothers-Park Street Tavern trifecta

Of all things Sleepy decided to go to the Arena District and The Godfather said, "fuck it, I'm in."

We left Club 185 a little after midnight and drove to Brothers. Sleepy had about 10 friends there and most were chicks with a couple dudes thrown in. They were hardcore (and presumably still are) Republicans. We walked over to Patio/Sugar (my suggestion) and there was an Obama banner hanging on the fence. They refused to go in. I'm glad about that because I didn't have any cash on me and there was a $5, five dollar, $5 cover charge.

Naturally we hit that trifecta we normally bang out on Thursday nights. Club 185-Brothers-Park Street Tavern. Ate a bunch of popcorn at "the Park."

Details of all that are kind of hazy. I thought one of the girls looked good so I mainly just talked to her and bullshitted (made fun of people) with The Godfather. I won't write anything further until those folks are out of town and I don't have any chance to see them again.

Earlier, I went to a costume store in Whitehall with the Truth and bought some fangs and black hair spray. The people in the store fit every stereotype you could draw up. We were there for about an hour as the Truth asked 1,764 questions about makeup and had a woman give his wig a hair cut. He only asked 815 questions about the wig.

He smoked 20 cigarette during the trip and told me about his haircut problems on the drive over there in one of those conversations where whenever you suggest something the other person goes back to the other option. Moral? He doesn't think he should be spending $40 on a haircut but he "does like to have a coffee while he gets his haircut." Spent some time talking about his need to pull away from nicotine and caffeine.

Rolled into 185 a little after 10 p.m. and chatted with McCampus as McLimited, Sleepy and The Godfather quoted "Good Fellas" and "Mad Men" for about 25 minutes. McCampus told me he's going as a gay cyclist for Halloween (as if there's any other kind) and concluded by saying, "I look like a mental patient." He left at 11:fifteen. No. 1 in Columbus worked last night so that was advantageous and led to a Sleepy-asked-query, "who's the new girl?" A couple Ohio State football players showed up to enjoy their bye week and then followed us to Park Street. (Allegedly.)

Got home around 2 a.m. The chick from Texas told me I was a "ring leader" and I took that to mean "leader." That didn't bother The Godfather at all.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The clock at 185

You'd think I'd know by now. Been a regular for about three years.

The clock at Club 185 runs 10 minutes late. This didn't stop me from making a mad dash to get back to work for a 1:15 p.m. call. I left lunch at 12:46 p.m. About 14 minutes before I'd normally leave.

Great lunch with The Old Man, The Mayor, Godsmack and The Godfather. I'd love to see a political television show with Smack and The Mayor. They entertain. The Godfather could be the third man ... like off camera and the camera just pans to him for reactions.

That's a great idea.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Drinking Season

Blog on the Run editor

Although it's a Tuesday, I don't think any date more epitomizes my life back in Columbus than October 28.

On Friday, Oct. 28, 2005, I met The Mayor and saw The Godfather for the first time in years. We chilled at a center high top and tradition began. The following year, we had the best "Cold and Dark" Ohio State football game in years and then went to that party on campus where everything happened. Earlier that morning, we had "Gray Hooded Sweatshirt Night" at Club 185 and the Truth later would chokeslam Dr. Z at The Godfather's former compound on Whittier.

It's really "drinking season" now that I think about it. Drinking Season runs from the last week of October through the first of the year. Really. Is there any other time during the year when so much considerable drinking goes on? I imagine The Mayor will love that I just named this "Drinking Season" and probably will say it many times.

Drinking Season ends when people stop drinking because of New Year's Resolutions, The 1 hibernates throughout winter, we "celebrate" Lent, the drab days of February, only to be rescued with the funness that is March.

Looking ahead we have Halloween Weekend, a trip to Chicago, Michigan Weekend, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, a weekend trip to Indianapolis, my birthday weekend, the weekend before Christmas, Christmas parties, that week before New Year's where nobody works and New Year's Eve.

Deck the halls.

To the dogs (and my dawgs)

  • What a mess for baseball. I turned the game on in the fourth inning and thought, "OK, they aren't canceling this now because?"

    I looked at the radar. (Did you know there was a Philadelphia, Miss.?) There was a slow moving green and yellow (not a boogar) blob over the Philadelphia (Pa.) region. It probably was going to rain for about 10 hours and worsen. It wasn't like the game was a blowout. It was 2-1. Just say, "hey, sorry about this, but we shouldn't have started this game and now it's over."

    Because Tampa Bay (not a city in Mississippi or Pennsylvania or any of the other 48 states) scored in the top of the sixth, baseball comes out smelling a little rosier or at least less shitty. If they don't score, they would have kept playing in that shit, make NO doubt about it. Anything else they try to sell you is complete well, bull crap.

  • Continuing on that "humans picking up animal shit" theme, I don't hate the trendys dog, Nemo. It's a slacker dog, so I like it. I like that it's a slacker. Not that it's a dog. It kinda just lays around all the time and doesn't make a sound. It's got nappy(ish) hair and is going bald. It kinda looks pissed off that it's a dog and not a human. It's got a human spirit. I gathered this in the four minutes we bonded.

    After a strong first six episodes of season two, "Gossip Girl" has hit more of a rut. Last night's episode was fine, but nothing more than a solid C-plus. Jenny Humphrey (she's 15 on the show ... and in real life) looked like she was about 30-years old. Also, Kaitlin Cooper (from "The OC" fame) had a role on the show basically playing Kaitlin Cooper.

  • I know Ohio State isn't having the best season but ... you know ... they aren't exactly not going to a bowl game and playing on the Big Ten Network's REGIONAL coverage in Week 10 of the college football season. Michigan (2-6) will see its 33-year bowl appearance streak snapped this year with a loss in any of its final four games. The steak is the longest in college football. You can catch the Wolverines on the BTN this Saturday at noon visiting Purdue. So yes. Worst Michigan team in four decades.

  • That's about all I got on this morning. We're getting closer to the weekend. That's good.

  • - From the desk of Art McGregor

    Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Mascot Bevo

    Here's the ad. It's the first time I've ever mentioned cars on this blog.

    The last four seconds says, "saved by zero, saved by zero." I have no idea what that means. I don't have facial hair and look rugged and wear flannels hence I don't know anything about cars. I do have a somewhat good looking, manly chin.

    So today I went to BDL and then The Little Bar. (Little bar, big enthusiasm.) And I'll talk more about that tomorrow but we saw the above commercial at least 600 times during the Browns game. Big win.

    As you know, us three began adding words to the end of the ad-ver-tis-ment.

    saved by zero, saved by zero:

    "Don't wear speedos." - The Godfather
    "Mascot Bevo." - The Godfather
    "That's my creedo." - The 1
    "Eating cheetohs." - All
    "Garlic cheese-o." - Art McGregor

    Obviously mine was the worst and we spent about 10 minutes doing this as the game carried on. First-letter-of-the-alphabet GREAT Sunday.

    - From the desk of Art McGregor

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Tuesday afternoon mailbag X

    Welcome to Blog on the Run's tenth Tuesday afternoon mailbag. Here I'll answer questions from readers and non-readers about the week that was and anything else that might come across my mailbag.

    Q: What do you feel is the best part of this blog?

    A: It's without a doubt the "throwaway lines" that sort of make you scratch your head. They're really the essence of who I am and what I'm all about. They're the, "did he really just say that because it sounds completely crazy but probably true" sentences. They're statements I can write 1,500-word entries on but instead just snuck them into long posts about random stuff. My two favorite examples of these are the times I said "I'm not good looking enough to get the type of girl that I like" and the other being when I said that "I don't belong to anything so that way I can make fun of everything." Those are about the two most true statements I can make. They're me. They symbolize everything about my entries on this blog and the way I look at life. I think a lot of people are this way but way too scared and/or proud to admit it.

    Q: There is a lot of struggle in the world. What makes you the saddest?

    A: Seeing hot chicks that look young (early 20s) wearing engagement and/or wedding rings. I look at myself as some sort of a prophet saying that you should always hold out hope that you'll find someone totally hot that makes you feel good about yourself because let's face it, we're always judging ourselves and if you're with someone really attractive, that means others will judge you that way as well. You always want to be with someone better looking than you. You never want to be the best looking person in a relationship.

    And then I see these really attractive girls at the grocery store at noon on a Tuesday. And that's it. Really? That's your life. Right now. And for the next 40 years. You'll be going to the grocery store at noon on a Tuesday. I mean, I know I was there too, but I was just grabbing lunch. And who knows, there's someone out there that could write about me and look down on the fact that I get lunch at grocery stores in Ohio and that's fine. I hear what you're saying. But I'm not a hot chick. If you're a hot chick, you have the world at your beck and call. You shouldn't settle for Giant Eagle at noon on a Tuesday. And yet girls always do. What's the rush? What's the hurry? You're 23!

    Take your time. Be patient. Yes, you will struggle through a lot of terribly boring nights. You'll hate Tuesday and Monday nights and get pissed off at a lot of what goes on around you. But pretty much every other second of your life will be fun. You'll have "endless possibilities." Having the feeling of "endless possibilities" is my favorite feeling in the world. It's why I like cent camp.

    Let's say my life was just one big Saturday night after a 3:30 p.m. football game. I'm always going to advocate cent camp because anything can happen. I never will make going back to the German Village or Club 185 a priority. I know what will happen once I'm there.

    I'm not ready to know what happens next in my life. The girl at Giant Eagle is. She's living it.

    Q: How many drugs were you when you wrote your first entry for Kyle's blog?

    A: None. I just like letting go with stream of consciousness stuff every now and then. I can't wait to write for this week. And if anything, my posts over there are more Art McGregor (fact) than Art McGregor (based on a true story). Yes, I just said my blogging persona is "based on a true story." Not a "true story" as I am in "real" life. And no. I'm not on any drugs right now.

    Q: Are you surprised there hasn't been one story about how gas has gone down about $1.50 per gallon since President Bush lifted an executive order banning offshore oil drilling on July 14? Also, great take on tying college newspaper editorial pages of present to who the "objective" reporters of tomorrow will be. I've never heard anyone say that before but it makes perfect sense.

    A: On the latter, thank you. But no, I'm not surprised there haven't been stories on this offshore drilling thing. If President Obama does something similiar, we'll hear about it on a nightly basis.

    Q: What happens this Saturday with Ohio State?

    A: The game? Who knows. I think anything can happen. I'm seriously clueless as to how this game will play it. The last time I felt this way was the LSU game from earlier this year. That's not a good sign. But I have had opinions on every other Ohio State game. This doesn't seem like a game Ohio State loses. Ohio State is 35-2 in its last 37 regular season games. I'd say they were "supposed to" win 36 of those games (USC being the lone exception). So, this means about out of every 100 games Ohio State's supposed to win, they'll lose three of them. Those aren't great odds for the Nittany Lions. Before the game? Geesh. I don't know. I think the game is the biggest story this week ... even more than the tailgating. That's a first in a long time. I don't care if it rains or it's hot and sunny, just get me to Saturday night.

    Q: You're bringing it on the countdown to Halloween. Can we expect more pictures of hot girls younger than 22 in Halloween costumes?

    - From the desk of Art McGregor

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    'Friday Night Lights'

    Blog on the Run editor

    I realize many may not have the asinine amount of free time that I do, but I did manage to watch nine episodes of "Friday Night Lights" last night before bed. Time-Warner's wireless connection was messed up last night so I didn't get to watch any episodes in bed.

    Doesn't mean I didn't think about it while there.

    Bill Simmons at wrote about the show this past year. He wrapped it up very nicely:

    Quite simply, FNL is the best date show ever, an improbable cross between The O.C. and every sports show you ever wanted Hollywood to make. It's the first show my wife and I have loved equally, but for different reasons. What can be better than that?
    Simmons goes on to call it the best sports show ever. It is. Without doubt. And the thing is, I like the non-football parts the best. There's really not even that much football on the show considering it's about football. The football scenes look real, if not the endings of those games. (Who consistently runs the ball from the 50-yard line with seven seconds down when you're down four points? ... And high school football games usually are not close. Most games are blowouts.)

    It's really an amazing show. I watch a lot of TV and I really can't delineate amongst the top of my favorites, but this show is right up there and I've only watched 12 of the original 37 episodes. (Season 3 will air on NBC this winter/spring.)

    You can watch all the episodes right here for free. Just don't pay attention to the communist commercials. (There are 15 second commercial breaks.)

    McCampus and The Godfather talked about the show a lot last year. I'm glad I'm finally on the bandwagon.

    In the first dozen episodes, I got choked up about three or four times and heard the following songs:

    "Devil Town" by Bright Eyes
    "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent
    "Dead Man's Will" by Iron & Wine

    I don't think I will watch nine episodes today. Could go for 10.

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    EGG: Over cheesy and out

    It's over for The EGG. This time, for real.

    We went back to The EGG yesterday for our Sunday ritual. I love Sundays in the fall. Early wake-up, drive to campus, watch football, eat fried food.

    I hated 2007 but one of the best things about that year was going to The EGG. Even when the Browns would lose, we'd still have a great time.

    I had the worst chicken sandwich ever. The EGG is skimming. Do you remember chicken sandwiches from there in April 2007? Plump, white, good looking grilled chicken. Yesterday's sandwich was brown and thinner than an actress on "92010" on a diet. The 1 immediately made fun of it. He said it looked like I had a "smattering" of fries from other people's plates. The cheese on his mini-burgers looked disgusting. Really orange.

    The music is too fucking loud. They have one person on staff that smiles. The TVs don't always show HD and the music is SO loud.

    In The EGGs defense, the Steelers nor the Browns were playing yesterday so that means there weren't many "fans" there. But still, there's no regulars this year. I think people have stopped going. It sucks.

    The 1 and I will be back at BDL next weekend. Or somewhere else. The EGG is so shitty that it could possibly derail Sunday afternoon Fundays.

    And what I hate about The EGG is that I have given it chance after chance. This is the third time I've banned it.

    Can't see being back in 2008.

    - From the desk of Art McGregor

    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Death Cab and cutie

    (Photo credit: cpn, 10-8-08.)

    Blog on the Run editor

    The Lady and cpn talk so quickly that we all were out of breath before the concert even began. Actually, before we parked the car.

    I love hearing those two talk because not only do they tell entertaining stories, but they tell them in entertaining ways. Their delivery is rockstar.

    But we needed an energy drink after the stories of Friday Night Fights at Club 185.

    "[Sonbreath] sent me a text about it at 8:30 a.m. the next morning," The Lady said.

    TD Hoodie, Peaches, cpn and I finished two 32 ounce beers in about two-point-five minutes. Peaches made like Barry Sanders shoving her way through the crowd and got us to within about 10 deep of lead singer Ben Gibbard. I held on to the back of Hoodie's hoodie when bursting through the crowd.

    What were Death Cab fans going to do about it?! It's like 7,000 mes. They ain't doing shit. Mainly because I wouldn't have done shit. When confrontation presents itself, I like to elbow it in the back after it walks past me and then act like I didn't do it.

    Death Cab didn't play "405," but they played everything else I liked. They played five songs off "Plans," and the only one of those I don't really like is "Soul Meets Body." They played my favorites on "Narrow Stairs" and the requisite few from "Transatlanticism" (try saying that word when drunk) ... "Sound of Settling," "New Year," "Expo '86" (awesome), "Title and Registration," and the closer "Tiny Vessels"/"Transatlanticism." A FIVE-SONG encore. Unreal. Not ONE bit of political commentary other than a "make sure to vote" message at the end of the show.
    Props on that.

    They come around once every two years. Their music means a lot to me. I have no problem saying that. Music can make a big difference in someone's life especially if that someone spends a lot of time by his Art McGregorself.

    That's the best thing about music. To write a song for everyone that speaks directly to one person. Only that one person is about 500,000 people.

    I spend a lot of time thinking about myself and most of it's negative. I can't stand the way certain relationships in the past have ended and howevergaythismaysound I credit Death Cab's music with getting me through some really tough times when I didn't know if I'd make it through another day. (Not in a suicidal way, just in a way like, "fuck, this sucks I want to stay in bed." But sometimes I did stay in bed.) So it's emotional in that respect and to enjoy it outdoors in a great environment on a cool, crisp night just makes it that much more amazing.

    Also amazing is the blonde I met outside Club 185 last night.

    Spent time at a high top (yes!) with Bo Bice and The Pacifist. For awhile, I was the only one there without a beard. Their friend also came (unbearded) with a smoking hot brunette (unbearded) who was really nice and I think we did some shots (shottttts) before I headed outside with the blonde.

    She was a real doozie, a former flight attendant born in 1986. Obviously I didn't take her home, but it was a rare night. Not rare that I didn't take her home but. Props to her friend. The friend genuinely seemed to be rooting for me. The friend usually always tries to fuck you over so she can go home and watch "Sex and the City" with the other girl and talk about how she's just like Charlotte but she's really not because she's just not.

    The girl from Reynoldsburg actually was pretty smart and we smoked about four Camel Lights outside. I also gave her a piggy-back ride west on Blenkner. Then carried her ("into the hotel after your wedding" style) across Mohawk where he friend dropped trou and took a piss right behind her car. At 2:34 a.m. she sent me a picture of her cat. Really. Her cat. I am sure we talked about cats at some point in the night.

    I did pretty well for myself. The girl was fucking hot and pointed out that she was "really drunk" at least four times. Before, I'd never had a girl ask for a piggy-back ride that wasn't a relative under the age of 8.

    I walked home around 2 a.m. and fell asleep at about 2:30 a.m.

    A text from The Godfather woke me up.

    I wasn't dreaming.

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Dziena: Warrior Princess




    ... Only in the movies.

    "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist"
    gets a solid A-minus from me. If you recall my review of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," you'll remember I said that it's impossible not to fall in love with Mila Kunis' character Mila Kunis in the movie.

    It's kind of impossible not to want to bang-out Alexis Dziena's character in "Nick and Norah ..."

    Dziena, 24, is so bitchy and hot in this movie. Those two characteristics ... in reverse order ... are the two things I look for in chicks. The strip-tease scene ... mmm ... will be purchasing that on DVD. Not the whole movie. Just the scene. Just kidding. You can't do that.

    Her, "how can you get over me when you're under me?" line will be rethought in my mind. Like a lot.

    No offense to Kat Dennings, it's just, c'mon!

    It's one of those movies where you know exactly what will happen (no way he chooses Norah over Tris ... none), but it's still fucking hilarious. The name of the first mix CD they show cracked my shit up. Mainly because I've done something similar. Yes, I haven't always been this bad ass and/or cool.

    - From the desk of Art McGregor

    ... Cable Guy

    (Hat tip, The 1)

    - From the desk of Art McGregor

    5:21 p.m.: The great beyond

    (I am against everything this picture stands for.)

    Blog on the Run editor

    Lothario-ing ain't easy.

    Especially on Monday nights.

    I had to make one big decision last night. Felt kind of hungry at about 7 p.m. Since I've given up fast food and Chipotle, this would require a trip to the grocery store. Nowhere else sells food.

    The fuck, you're thinking. Why not just go to the Shell Station for some Doritos?

    Also gave up the entire Shell Station (except for gas) between Mondays and Wednesdays. That move alone will save me ... not making this up ... about $400 a year.

    Back to hunger pains.

    I'm incredibly obsessive about my weight. I weigh myself every morning and write it down on my desk calendar. For example, on the last Wednesday of September I weighed 151.8 pounds. The next day 150.8 and the next 152.6. (Thursday night's 18 gallons of beer I drink.)

    I don't know what days those are (like the 28th, 29th or 30th) because I have to rip off the previous month. But I write in the last week's weights above the first week of each current month. Are you following? No? OK.

    Today I'm at 151.2. Pounds. My cousin Kevin had the nickname "LB" in high school because he pounded beers not because he played linebacker because he played soccer and I think he played fullback because he's a bigger guy but get this he played linebacker and fullback on Tecmo Super Bowl because on that game you control all the positions well not on both teams because that'd be boring.

    This is just a sentence so I don't begin every paragraph with an "I." Moral is this, I didn't go out yesterday. I stayed in. I didn't go and get a loaf of bread and a thing of peanut butter. I stayed in and instead ate three packets of Austin's Peanut Butter Crackers. I had 45 of them. I'm down to about 18.

    Hindsight says I should have at least walked over to Kroger. I could have used the fresh air. After getting home from work at 5:21 p.m., I didn't leave the house. I can't remember that ever happening before. (I've got home at 5:21 p.m. before ... probably multiple times. But not in the same day. That'd be impossible.)

    Alonzo Hindsight usually gives great advice.

    My house is a complete disaster right now. I am living alone this month before The Godfather moves in post-election. The downstairs is clean as can be. All dishes and cups are clean because I never use them. But the upstairs just has clothes everywhere. Except on the ceiling because we're dancing on the ceiling. Clothes ain't welcome.

    Oh what a feeling.

    I'm in the midst of bringing out (bring 'em out, bring 'em out) my sweaters and retiring my 3,215 button down shirts that are either blue or light green. Also in the midst of laundry. Also in the midst of not knowing what's clean and dirty so that means everything is dirty. My hallway is covered in clothes. And socks.

    I didn't leave the house last night. It's tough to blog about that. If I keep having to write short little posts like this on Tuesday morning, I am going to have to at least leave the house post-5:21 p.m.

    That is easy.

    Monday, October 6, 2008

    We don't know two girls

    "There's a league down here every Tuesday night we could get in," The Godfather said. "Only thing is, it's co-ed. Two guys and two girls."

    "We don't know two girls," I said.

    "I know," he responded.

    So it is. There will be no league bowling, but the German Village Bowling Association will be meeting tomorrow night for a trio of games at Gahanna Lanes. I'll be using my purple 12-pound ball also known as my cock. Kidding. I call it Purp12. The ball not the cock.

    I think the Intercontinental Title is on the line. McGinley, by virtue of his 126-124 win over me is the heavyweight champ and since I finished second, I am the Intercontinental Champ. McCampus is last. The Godfather is third.

    Other than trying to get The 1 on Facebook this week, I'm not doing too much. Except I am.

    There is no "Gossip Girl" on tonight and that makes me want to kill myself. If it was on, this could be one of the best weeks ever. Bowling tomorrow, Death Cab on Wednesday, Office on Thursday, off work on Friday.

    Book it.

    - From the desk of Art McGregor

    Ohio State 20, Wisconsin 17

    Blog on the Run editor

    There were not any hot chicks where you were at about 11:30 p.m. on Friday.

    They all were at Brothers in Columbus.

    It's rare you experience scenes of unbridled joy. Far more rare that I do. I didn't experience this in the attack of the hotties on Friday, but did so Saturday. Before walking from Fifth Third Bank on S. High Street to Club 185.

    Following Troy Smith's Terrelle Pryor's touchdown run with a minute to go, I turned around and saw beer ... as if champagne ... lighting the campus night. People hugged, people smiled, the Truth said, "that's what I'm talking about it!"

    It was one of the best Ohio State wins in my lifetime. I don't know how to stress that enough.

    1. I watched the game with a girl I genuinely like.
    2. I watched it with the Truth and The Godfather and The Mayor. The 1 left at halftime.
    3. We had a great seat at the video games at the EGG.
    4. The Dr. sent me a text at the start of the fourth quarter that read, "this feels like a great night for the black, long sleeved t-shirt."
    5. The Sports Writer sent me one before the game-winning drive, "time for Pryor to earn his poon."

    We won and we celebrated. I was convinced of failure. You see, most Ohio State fans root for losers in all other sports. Probably 65-70 percent of them root for the Browns, Bengals, Blue Jackets, Reds, Indians and Cavs ... and other than the Cavs, those teams pretty much all suck and are really good at losing heartbreakers.

    It was a game where you hug people. People hugged. People don't hug after beating Troy and Minnesota.

    A star was born.

    ... ... ... ...

    I don't know how I'm not going to Brothers every Friday night. I met the Truth there. We boozed and went our separate ways, ala Phil Collins. I hightailed it over to Sugar/Patio and had some beers with Scott Lewis, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Great dude.

    Watched the end of the Angels-Red Sox game (one of the best I've ever seen) and chatted it up with various chicks I've made out with in public before. Somehow saw the Truth outside Bar Louie and in a fit of rage, he pulled me into the car and we went to some random afterhours where he and I got into a popcorn throwing match at 4 a.m. I was that guy in the German Village throwing popcorn at 4 a.m.

    ... ... ... ...

    Sort of has to be noted that two of (probably) 100 or so most recognizable people in the world were in Columbus this weekend. David Beckham and communist Bruce Springsteen.

    ... ... ... ...

    I am in love with Sunday afternoons. The 1 and The Godfather joined me at B-Dubs Lane. B-Dubs Lane is now off the list. That place sort of sucks. But we had a great fucking time. The thing is, we're all sort of drunk. Like, we just say things and laugh harder than anyone else around us. We all came up with the idea of bringing a sign of Chemical Ali and Charles Ali to the Bruce Springsteen concert. This was very hilarious at 2 o'clock on Sunday. That's p.m.

    I didn't want that to end. But it did because our group has a habit of ending really fun things because of no reason. We went home and I endured five-terrible-hours-of-non-drinking-Sunday. Yikes. After throwing back 12 16-ounce Miller Lites last night, I felt better. Slept really well. Right through the alarm. I love that I start drinking (alone) at 9 p.m. on Sundays. It makes the nights so much better.

    I sang "Hello" by Lionel Richie at B-Dubs Lane (BDL).

    ... ... ... ...

    The scene remained the EGG and the afterparty at McFadden's, also known as the happiest place on the planet. I don't know how to explain it other than = packed full of happy people, chicks dancing on bars, tons of smiles, tons of girls hitting on dudes and overall amazingness.

    Obviously the girl I hung out with during the game didn't leave with me so I went to McFadden's to meet up with Pilot Bartender (blog name), Big Mike and The Mayor.

    I saw The Godfather for .21 seconds. He was not looking too good. I've never seen happier at midnight and more drunk/miserable looking at 1 a.m. He was NOT coming in hot, real hot.

    We ran into quite the cast of characters at the EGG. Talked with Antwan Jamison for a good portion of the second half. Great dude. The 1's buddy blew the stankiest farts ever. Fucking awful. I don't normally blog about farts but they were that bad!

    The Mayor and ASD manned the bar and kept the buckets coming. I drank less than everyone because I threw on the blinders for about 45 minutes and just talked to the girl.

    How about I called her yesterday and got excited when she called back. It's been awhile (Staind).

    ... ... ... ....

    The oddest news of the weekend? I somehow bought "Who Knew?" by Pink on iTunes. Drunk texting is so 2006. Drunk iTuning is so right now.

    ... ... ... ... ...

    Ohio State now is 5-1 with winnable games remaining. Just keep on winning Buckeyes and don't stop. thinking about. tomorrow.

    The weekend will soon be here.

    Coming in hot, real hot

    Just getting to my office. Weekend recap up before lunch.

    - From the desk of Art McGregor

    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Chili, C-plus, Club

    Enjoyed watching some of the debate with McCampus, McCampus GF, The Godfather and the Truth. the Truth smoked in both the backyard and front porch. The Godfather made really good chili and sent 21 texts.

    McCampus played the gracious host at the Superdome/813. He also has an inexplicable "Express" poster hanging in his living room.

    the Truth and I went to Ugly Tuna until about 1 a.m. Logsdon threw out many "Gerbil Village" references that got zero laughs. They could just have a Chris Logsdon hologram up there because he did the same bit three weeks ago.

    For all his cracks on Gerbil Village, the Tuna rocked an 80/20 male-female split.

    Didn't get much better at Club 185.

    The scoreboard read:

    11 dudes, 3 girls.

    Good times at the Club, however. They've got a new bartender that I assume will draw in a few new repeat customers. She's got some talent.

    A C-plus Thursday night. I feel good this morning.

    It's time for the weekend.

    - From the desk of Art McGregor