Wednesday, October 15, 2008

'Friday Night Lights'

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I realize many may not have the asinine amount of free time that I do, but I did manage to watch nine episodes of "Friday Night Lights" last night before bed. Time-Warner's wireless connection was messed up last night so I didn't get to watch any episodes in bed.

Doesn't mean I didn't think about it while there.

Bill Simmons at wrote about the show this past year. He wrapped it up very nicely:

Quite simply, FNL is the best date show ever, an improbable cross between The O.C. and every sports show you ever wanted Hollywood to make. It's the first show my wife and I have loved equally, but for different reasons. What can be better than that?
Simmons goes on to call it the best sports show ever. It is. Without doubt. And the thing is, I like the non-football parts the best. There's really not even that much football on the show considering it's about football. The football scenes look real, if not the endings of those games. (Who consistently runs the ball from the 50-yard line with seven seconds down when you're down four points? ... And high school football games usually are not close. Most games are blowouts.)

It's really an amazing show. I watch a lot of TV and I really can't delineate amongst the top of my favorites, but this show is right up there and I've only watched 12 of the original 37 episodes. (Season 3 will air on NBC this winter/spring.)

You can watch all the episodes right here for free. Just don't pay attention to the communist commercials. (There are 15 second commercial breaks.)

McCampus and The Godfather talked about the show a lot last year. I'm glad I'm finally on the bandwagon.

In the first dozen episodes, I got choked up about three or four times and heard the following songs:

"Devil Town" by Bright Eyes
"Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent
"Dead Man's Will" by Iron & Wine

I don't think I will watch nine episodes today. Could go for 10.

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