Monday, October 13, 2008

EGG: Over cheesy and out

It's over for The EGG. This time, for real.

We went back to The EGG yesterday for our Sunday ritual. I love Sundays in the fall. Early wake-up, drive to campus, watch football, eat fried food.

I hated 2007 but one of the best things about that year was going to The EGG. Even when the Browns would lose, we'd still have a great time.

I had the worst chicken sandwich ever. The EGG is skimming. Do you remember chicken sandwiches from there in April 2007? Plump, white, good looking grilled chicken. Yesterday's sandwich was brown and thinner than an actress on "92010" on a diet. The 1 immediately made fun of it. He said it looked like I had a "smattering" of fries from other people's plates. The cheese on his mini-burgers looked disgusting. Really orange.

The music is too fucking loud. They have one person on staff that smiles. The TVs don't always show HD and the music is SO loud.

In The EGGs defense, the Steelers nor the Browns were playing yesterday so that means there weren't many "fans" there. But still, there's no regulars this year. I think people have stopped going. It sucks.

The 1 and I will be back at BDL next weekend. Or somewhere else. The EGG is so shitty that it could possibly derail Sunday afternoon Fundays.

And what I hate about The EGG is that I have given it chance after chance. This is the third time I've banned it.

Can't see being back in 2008.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

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Once again, everybody gets on board with what the Godfather said two weeks earlier.