Monday, September 22, 2008

Bad Columbus magazines

Columbus has a few random magazines that seem to feature professionally-done photos of 22-year-old bartenders at places like Mynt with ugly back tattoos. I guess there's one coming out called "The O Face." Oh man. Can't wait.

The magazine obviously looks like crap and will be patently unfunny but might do well with the Affliction/backward hat crowd. The 12 percent of them that can read. But this post is spit-out-your-water-from-the-office-cooler-that-you-walk-to-16-times-a-day-to-waste-time funny.

This girl should just write posts critiquing Craigslist posts. She's funny.

Also, this post on TheDirty has some of the best smack talk in the history of the crazy rascals that talk shit on message boards and/or blogs.

Some of the better ones:

"I checked facebook and this dude only has 97 facebook friends.



"man people seem to either love this guy or hate him. all i can tell about him through the pics is that he’s repping his chest hair."

Repping his chest hair. Standing, out.

People are mean but bloggers are the geeks from sixth grade.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

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