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Hopping in after twenty minutes. Second commercial break.

Like the opening theme song.

Brother and sister (brother is black, bro) and girl is white. Girl (Annie) is hot and can't seem to make friends at new school. Keep in mind, she's hot.

Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez is the news caster on the school news station. Daughter of AHN-Drea and Jesse. Erin Silver looks like the resident emo badass. They exist? Hot though. Erin is David Silver's sister. David lost her once at a playground when he was on drugs and "living in a fantasy."

The dad of the family is Rob Estes. He's also the principal at West Beverly High School. The grandma is Jessica Waters. She plays sorta the same role she did as Lucille on "Arrested Development." The woman is funny.

Naomi is the hot one. Kind of bitchy but warming up to Annie (the sister who moved from Kansas). There's sort of a cool-guy English teacher with great hair and a cool beard. Everything I want to be. He's talking to the student (Naomi) at a bar right now.

Dude, Jessica Waters (Lucille Bluth) is owning this show so far. Hilarious lines.

Naomi's boyfriend Ethan is pissed at Naomi's b-day party. Naomi's druggie friend Adrianna just stole Naomi's purse to cover a $200 drug habit.

Erin Silver has a blog. "The Vicious Circle." Erin Silver is really hot. Great eyes. Kind of crazy. Silver's blog has gotten "half a million hits." Unreal. Lots of talking about blogs. Kelly Taylor still looks good.

Boring story about the black son playing lacrosse with the principal/dad (Rob Estes). Black kid is Dixon. He got kicked off the lacrosse team.

Ethan is the star lacrosse player. He's conflicted and troubled. Naomi copied Annie's paper on "A Tale of Two Cities."

Naomi bought Annie a $800 dress.

Annie is now trying to be in the school play. She's rocking out. Dad (principal/Rob Estes) found out Annie let Naomi copy her paper.

At 8:42 p.m., the show is just pretty OK.

During the commercial break, it's cool to see "West Beverley High School" again. That was a cool moment and I'm sure most fans of the original couldn't help but smile.

Annie and Naomi are now fighting. Naomi is sexy. Naomi has issues with her mom. Mom wants to be the cool mom. Naomi is showing signs of growing up. Silver is apologizing to Annie.

Dixon is back on the lacrosse team. Oh no. More problems. Another commercial at 8:50 p.m.?

Lori Laughlin is a cougar. Looks better now than when she was on "Full House."

Annie snuck out to the party after dad grounded her.

Not a whole bunch of originality.

Rob Estes and Naomi's mom used to date. OH SHIT. It turns out they have a son together. But he's adopted elsewhere.

Naomi just found out Ethan has been cheating on her. Annie saw it long ago, told her brother, who texted Naomi in a fit of rage.

Silver is taking her to the beach. "A whole world outside of Beverly Hills."

Looks like Ethan and Annie are going to be an item at some point.

Kelly Taylor has a kid.

Adrianna got her drug money. Black kid has a loser, annoying long-haired friend. They could have ended the episode there. They had a happy ending.

9:03 p.m.

Annie broke up with Jason (her loser boyfriend from Kansas that she never talked about). That was odd.

The rival lacrosse team trashed West Beverly. Lacrosse is a huge deal. WTF. Is this fucking Baltimore? Nice sport.

Will Ethan and Naomi patch things up? They aren't breaking up. I like that. Realistic (seriously). Score points for that.

Annie found a new dude that sings. He's so dreamy. I think he's originally from Ohio in real life, though.

Adrianna is stoned to the bone.

Naomi has a little cute tramp stamp tattoo. Mr. Matthews (cool English teacher) likes Kelly Taylor.

Dixon is having problems being the principal's son.

Ty Collins is the dreamy singer. He's into Annie. He's also a "heartbreaker." They're grabbing dinner tonight after rehearsal.

Silver and Naomi hate each other.

20 minutes without a commercial. That's a longass time for a TV show.

"Jock-asses end up selling tires or car insurance."

Ty Collins drives a Bentley. He took her to a private airport. The restaurant is in San Francisco. Bad. ass.

Tampons commercial.

I'm not really the target audience.

Silver's telling her to go (via cell phone).

Dixon's loser friend has a dad that produces porno.

NAT!!!!!!!!!! AT THE PEACH PIT!!


BRANDON misses megaburgers. He also lives in central America.

Dixon is pulling a prank on the other lacrosse team. Who cares. Statement Peach Pit is a new trendy place.

Naomi is hooking up with Ethan's rival.

Grandma (Lucille Bluth) was in a car accident.

It's fucking tough to live blog a television show.

Phew. Grandma is OK. Grandma's name is Tabitha.

Ethan's giving Annie advice. I just can't get behind this Ethan-Annie thing. Ethan is boring as fuck. He needs an angle.

Things between Ethan and Naomi are "not good."

Annie and Ethan shared a nice friendly conversation with their feet in the swimming pool. Shallow.

The lacrosse team got busted. Dixon told his dad.

Adrianna bailed on this audition.

Silver has the same tattoo as Naomi. "Friendship." Silver's dad (Dr. Mel Silver!) had ANOTHER affair way back in the day.


Cool teacher knows something is up with Adrianna. Dad is teaching the team a lesson. I miss Steve Sanders.

Annie's mom (Lori Laughlin) found out she went to San Francisco. They've got one more commercial break.

Naomi and Ethan are looking like they're going to break up. Ethan "wanted out."

"I'm breaking up with us."

Dixon is back on the team. Dixon is "still trying to find his way around here." Mr. Matthews is bringing flowers to Kelly Taylor as a surprise. Mr. Matthew's name is Ryan. Kelly and Ryan are going to have an impromptu date with the help of Brenda Walsh. BRENDA FUCK KING WALSH.

"This ain't KANSAS no mo'." - Annie to her black brother

This show ain't the original.

First episode was too long.

Ethan was coming over to surprise Annie and spotted Ty Collins kissing her.

Final verdict: I'll continue to watch only because it's Tuesday nights. And Tuesdays are no longer booze days.

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