Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm not always right (left-handed version)

Sometimes I just say things. They're horribly wrong but I think I'm right. I'm not saying opinions. I'm stating "facts."

I'm not out there saying, "McCain is going to Vermont" or shit like that. It's this doozy from last night:

"Los Angeles has 20 million people. Doesn't New York (City) have like 32 million?"

I am a pretty knowledgeable person. I am. I come off looking like a high school kid stuck in his late 20s (vice versa), but I am pretty smart about some stuff (rap music, television, 80s movies, Cleveland Indians, where hotties hang out).

Turns out. I wasn't even close on my population guesstimates. Population Guesstimates would be a great band name.

Phoenix is the fifth biggest city in the United States? Texas has three cities in the top 10?

This shit fascinates.

- From the desk of Art McGregor


The Godfather said...

"Ten percent of American lives in L.A." -AMG

A truer statement might have been, "Ten percent of Mexico lives in L.A."

Lobster said...

you didn't know that? tsk.