Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Blog on the Run editor

"This next one is the first song on our new album" - "Jimmy James" (from "At Budokhan" by Cheap Trick)

Twice upon a time, a fellow in the German Village wanted to give his buddies and pals (not co-workers) a chance to keep up with the shenanigans of a group of dudes who hum black people's music well into their 30s.

That fellow is me. I'm not the second person who's ever spoke in third person.

I was on staff at German Village Media from the blog's onset. I wanted to do something different. So I left my position as editor at GVM and started this Web site a few weeks ago.

Blog on the Run has a full-time staff of three other writers. My boy Seth also is on "staff" for insurance purposes. Or so he claims.

Some staffers you've read in the past, others you haven't. One lives in North Carolina, another in Florida and another in Lower Arlington (the more ghetto part of Upper Arlington). The guy in Lower Arlington lives next to people with a BHO sign in their front yard. I know. Right.

Dr. Willy Loman and mistertrendy will supply something every week. Even if it's just an excuse. Stu Arl will provide up to two pieces a week on culture, the passage of time and answer questions like, "what if Jesus Shuttlesworth would have went straight to the NBA?" I'm glad to bring Stu Arl aboard.

Seth also will stop by every now and then for a report from whatever road he's traveling on these days. Maybe it's not even a road. A few times he's phoned in (on someone else's phone) from the woods. He even once claimed to be Tiger Woods. He's not.

I'll have a weekly mailbag and offer other observations on a daily basis. We'll also link to other sites and provide recaps and previews for things that begin at certain times and other times never end.

I'll also follow-up on a couple things I didn't get a chance to do over at GVM, mainly investigative reports around the German Village.

I'm not kidding anyone. I fully expect about the same readership of GVM. I mean, in terms of the type of people reading. I'll write for that audience. There will be a smattering of sports, women, booze, music and sleeping 'til noon.

All of which, really, adds up to sleeping alone.

... And we're on!

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