Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday night, we hardly knew ya

  • I put the Saturday of Comfest right up there with The Friday at The Memorial Tournament, although Comfest is not presented by Morgan Stanley. Those pseudo-hippies would not want any part of that business or that business. There are very few events in Columbus that compare to Ohio State home football games. They're too few and far between, in my opinion.

    (UPDATE: This would be a good time to note that the entire throng of people on the Haus und Garten Tour is outside my front door. A few have sun umbrellas. And there's a golf cart.)

    After the season ends, you've got the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, The Crawl for Cancer, The Friday at the Memorial Tournament and the Saturday at Comfest not presented by Morgan Ensberg. That's it. There needs to be a Comfest or something like it in the German Village. But I guess it's cool we'll have the 50th annual HAUS UND GARTEN TOUR next year. At least there's that. Recognize about half the people on it from the Varsity Club after the Wisconsin game.

    Really liked the crew at The Patio last night. Saw just about every person I know. Maybe like .05 percent of the people I know, but still. Didn't take terribly long to find a beer, enjoyed the company of The 1, The Godfather, Mathlete, Johnny K and Three Clicks. Night went by too fast. I think we got there at 10 p.m. and people scattered around 1 a.m.

  • Tribe lost its first season series to the Reds last night since 1997. That's sad news. Back then gas was $1.36 a gallon. Congrats Reds. Now you're the state champs of Kentucky and Ohio. Shame.

  • Before heading out last evening, I stumbled across a pretty sweet Web site. I don't think anyone compares to Italian women. The Croatians also look strong. Every country has some talent. The brunette Swedish girl? Nice! I will say this, judging from how these girls look, about 95 percent of Internet porn is not coming from the United States. I recogn ...

  • - Compiled by Art McGregor