Friday, June 27, 2008


(Each morning we'll have an "About Last Night" post.)

  • With the 19th pick in the NBA Draft, the Cleveland LeBrons Cavaliers selected J.J. Hickson (N.C. State) to add "some youth to their front line." I'm glad they went with youth in the draft. Rarely does a team that drafts a 44-year old reap any benefits. Credit Danny Ferry. He found youth in this draft. Like a needle in a hay stack. Hickson won't turn 20 until September. (Jimmie Walker turned 61 this past Wednesday.)

    mistertrendy and I were not too pleased with the selection. (We had no thoughts - negative or positive - on Jimmie Walker's birthday as we didn't know what day it was on.) Still judging from trendy's "If we take Kosta Koufous, I will fall out of my chair" text, he's got to be happy the Cavs didn't select the Ohio State attendee.

    My initial reaction: "He's 6-foot-9? This guy sucks. He is a nerd. He will miss so many easy shots next year. He is a guy who misses a lot of shots."

    trendy's: "No shit. Fuck. Why not Arthur or Douglas-Roberts? Fuckin' Ferry!"

    In related news:

    "Koufos' teammates, Othello Hunter and Jamar Butler of Lima, were not drafted."

    I've always said that guys like Jamar Butler and before his time, Brent Darby, deserve to play six years in college.

  • The Indians moved into a tie for last place (yes!) with a thrilling 4-1 win over the powerhouse San Francisco Giants. These are not the same Giants who won the Super Bowl. These guys are in last place. They might be Giants, but they don't play like it. Cliff Lee, again magnificent, struck out 11 in eight innings.

  • Rain/lightning/thunder did away with our softball game last night. We've had four rainouts on the season and played one game in the month of June. Does it rain anywhere else in the world?

  • Comfest begins this afternoon. Our boys Hotel War play today at 1:20 p.m. on one of the stages (UPDATE: It's the "offramp.") I can't wait to see what "socially concious" message they have on the giant cups this year. And then I'll put duct tape over it. (But not the top of the cup. That would make it difficult to drink.)

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