Monday, June 30, 2008

When I stepped out into the bright sunlight

  • Sources tell me that they stopped serving beer at Comfest last night sometime before 9 p.m. That's odd.

  • Always said there'd be "About Last Night's" like this one. I think a post on Deadspin yesterday titled "To Watch Tonight" said it best:

    "Movie: The Lost World: Jurassic Park. 7 p.m. [FOX] Coddamn. When there's nothing on TV, there's really nothing on TV."

    Aside from the "Coddamn," it's so true. I really couldn't find much of anything to do last night. Talked on the phone to various family people for about an hour, walked to the bank, watched "The Outsiders," looked forward to the week. Should have cleaned up. Didn't.

    A few things about "The Outsiders," aside from the opening credits look a lot like the closing credits of any other movie, that I learned watching yesterday. Bob (the guy with the rings) that Johnny Cade kills is played by Leif Garrett! I never knew that. Also, why is Patrick Swayze's character named "Darrel?" Granted, they call him Darry but wouldn't it have made more sense ... with brothers named Soda Pop and Pony Boy ... if his name was just Dairy? Insert lactose intolerant joke here.

    Also, Sophia Coppola is in the movie as the ugly girl who asks Dallas Winston (Matt Dillon) for 15 cents at the Dairy Queen. C. Thomas Howell stars.

    C. Thomas Howell. Now you don't.

  • Did watch an episode of "The Sopranos." One of my favorite episodes. Oddly enough ... it's called "Watching Too Much Television." Here's what makes that show arguably the greatest drama of all-time: You really never feel comfortable saying, "[X character] is my favorite." I mean, it really changes from episode to episode. Christopher and Paulie are my (I think) favorite characters but sometimes it's Tony ... or AJ ... but it's never Silvio.

  • Good news for fans of "The Office":

    "Variety reports that Ryan will reprise her role as human resources executive Holly Flax in at least five episodes of series five."

    That's a button, Kevin.

  • - Compiled by Art McGregor

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