Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cue the Alice in Chains: It's over now

Blog on the Run editor

It's been said before around these parts: "The Godfather and Art McGregor share the same brain."

We'll get into that in a minute, but first I have a confession. I had a dream about McCampus last night.

Usually, I don't discuss my dreams. I keep those to myself. They're about the only thing I keep to myself. Also, I keep my wallet to myself. And its contents.

I don't remember the particulars, but it involves the High Bar (Olympics gymnastics event ... picture above) and McCampus being a dare devil on a makeshift apparatus. Well, the first time, he sticks the landing. The next time, he misses and plummets about 40 feet to the ground. We rush to his rescue where he's endured a few minor injuries. It's a miracle.

That said, I was going to write about the Yankees today. They are FINISHED. They are as far out of first place as the Indians. That's just pathetic. Paulie Byrd, for the second time in two seasons, has finished the Yankees off. No Yankees in the playoffs for the first time since 1993. FOX, ESPN and TBS are lobbying to add additional teams to the playoffs. The Tribe, fresh off its Olympic championship, won their tenth straight game. If they win 29 more in a row, they could sneak into the playoffs. Impossible. BUT (you knew there'd be one ... although I prefer the butts right around the two decade old mark), they've got a really easy schedule in the next 17 games with seven against pure-stink Kansas City, four against pure-stink Baltimore and three against pure-stink Seattle. They've also got three against the White Sox with Lee and Carmona pitching at home. Stranger things have happened!! (On drugs paragraph.)

It's Thursday morning and I'm happy. It's obviously still raining but hopefully it stops soon. My cable went out last night and that's the final straw. I am switching to DirecTV tomorrow afternoon.

Not sure what the weekend (pre-Buckeyes game) entails. I haven't drank since Saturday night, which is probably my last four-night non-drinking streak until next spring. I can't imagine ever going more than three days in the fall, with NFL football, days off and boring Tuesday nights when I need to drink.

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