Monday, August 11, 2008

I drink a lot of water

Blog on the Run editor

Sometimes I think I drink water out of boredom. Walk over to the water cooler, throw out a couple hellos, fill up and walk back to my desk.

The Crystal Springs blue cups I use are 9 ounces. I have about 10 a day and that's a conservative estimate. I also make sure to use a new cup every time. And then I throw it away. F-You Algore.

For some reason, my mom ALWAYS asks me "if I'm drinking enough water." I don't know why she does this. Maybe she's tied up with the water lobby. If one exists.

I do always make it a point to buy bottled water that costs more than $1. The Godfather only buys the $.89 brand popular in Grove City.

She seriously asks me almost every time we talk. It's not like I even dislike water. She asks it in the same way that she'd ask, "are you getting along with your sister?"

So I wanted to find out how much water in a day you should drink. I get this article and of course it DOES NOT TELL YOU. Fuck all this math and what not. Just tell me "this is HOW MANY ounces you should drink a day." I am well over 100.

I guess the number is around 70 ounces? That's pretty good. I am healthy. Yes.

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