Friday, August 15, 2008

E-mail from Rod Munch

I have a buddy. We'll call him Rod Munch. He lives in Minnesota and works for FOX. Great job. Good dude. Four-time emmy winner.

The Godfather knows him.

Here's his review on "Pineapple Express" and other thoughts:

"dudes...pineapple express is the funniest movie ever. if you haven't seen it, do it. right now. i will probably watch that movie at least 100 times before i die. of course, being that i'm a loser with no girlfriend and 1 friend in minnesota, i'll probably accomplish that feat within the next year. at least then i could concentrate on all of the other things on my bucket list. like seeing sebastian bach live in concert. harris, you lucky bastard.

16 days until ysu gets its ass beat by osu. [mcgregor]...remember when i used to argue with you back in the day about how ysu could beat osu? how was i a valedictorian? did i spell that right? no, seriously. how did that happen? oh yeah...probably because i took all the easiest classes and picked 18 and life as my song in simington's class. i would have failed me just for picking a song that literally anyone could explain just by reading the title. but instead...i got an a, went to college for free where i took the easiest major ever, and now i have 4 emmies. simey's getting a big shout-out when i win #5.

see y'all next weekend. peace."
- From the desk of Art McGregor

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