Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home sweet home

  • Going to my hometown is a chore. I'm not really a fan. I love seeing my family, though. I've been a lot better about it lately. In 2007, I'd gander I only made it back to 429 Miles Off Broadway about six times. This year it's a bunch more. I'll probably go home 10-12 times. Still can't imagine setting foot in Mahoning County in September or October, however.

    I don't get caught up in the whole, "home means going to your hometown" thing. I live in Columbus. My home is in the German Village. My home also is in Youngstown 44514. (SIDE NOTE: A friend of mine went to Virginia Tech and once said, "Tech is my home." In the annals of things said by my friends, it's found its place in the top 10 lamest phrases.)

    But I'm glad when home comes to me. My mom is in town helping my sister out with some things for the wedding and around her new house. Also, I assume to feed me. I went over there last night for dinner and it was fantastic. I helped out a little did a lot of the work and finally felt like I gave back a little to one of the parents.

    Last night was about as good as a Monday night in July can be for me. McGinley's not around so any chance of heading out for a few beers on a week night to a place not called Lindey's Patio is pretty much gone. I had a nice dinner, went for a jog around Schiller Park a few times, went to the grocery store (razors and soap) and watched the Tribe climb out of last place. Oh yeah!

    Watching the Indians also is a chore. Game ended around 1 a.m.

  • If it rains anywhere in Franklin County, the center of the storm is directly above my home. The one in the German Village. I fucking swear to Christ, there's a giant LOUD THUNDERBOLT FACTORY above my house. Right around 3 a.m., the lightning came. Now that sounds like a line from a romance novel!

    Rain only last about 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe 12 minutes. Didn't keep me up long. That line could be used to describe me in a romance novel kind of way.

  • Back to the Tribe, the above picture and the one to your right are my favorite Indians jerseys of all-time. I think it's because I grew up watching those uniforms. I think any era of jerseys that coincides with the time you first followed your favorite team always is going to be your favorite of the lot. I'm not a jersey guy. Lowercase j. Big J? Not really so much either. I do like "The Sopranos," though. I haven't worn a jersey in years, but if I can find a mid-1980s Cleveland Indians road jersey, I'd wear it more than that light blue Nike shirt which I wear at least 1.2 times a week.

  • - Compiled by Art McGregor

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