Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorry, Seatttle

  • We've all got a buddy like this guy. I'm sure I'm like this too sometimes, but you pretty much know where I stand: Thursday through Saturday ... yes, I will go out. Wednesday? 50/50. Monday and/or Tuesday? Unlikely.

    Leaving the Patio on Saturday night, The 1 turned and said, "I am GOING OUT THIS WEEK. What night? You tell me, and I'm there."

    I said, "Let's go check out on Wednesday night at Park Street Tavern." He said something along the lines of "book it." I don't really remember. I still found myself reeling from a punch in the back of the head earlier in the night.

    Wednesday rolls around and The 1 "is in." I give him props. We're excited throughout the day, perhaps Three Clicks (formerly Toe) is going to join us. Well then, something from work comes up (it happens) and he's got dinner plans. No beef there from me. (In a social way, not an eating way. NOT a vegan.) This is where things get funny with The 1. I met the guy in football season 2006, so I've known him for about two years. In those two years, whenever the answer is not a 100 percent "yes, I'm going out" ... well, you know.

    As soon as I heard we might be seeing The 1 out last night, I knew I wouldn't be going out. Three Clicks and I thought about it again about 10:30 p.m. but decided overwhelming against it. Tonight's a new day. Later on has never been a bad time.

  • Can't help but feel for the city of Seattle this morning. Also Seattle, the city. And Seattle Slew too, poor horse is probably dead. The Sonics (or SuperSonics) are moving to Oklahoma City. They are packing up and leaving for greener pastures.

    This is rather significant. I don't believe Oklahoma has ever had a professional team in the big three (four if you count hockey and/or MLS) sports leagues. It's cool to note however, that all five states bordering Ohio and Ohio have professional sports teams:

    Ohio: (Browns, Cavs, Ohio State Buckeyes football)
    Pennsylvania: (Pirates, Phillies, Eagles, Steelers, Flyers, Penguins, Sixers)
    Kentucky: (Reds, Bengals)
    Canada: (Buffalo Bills, Raptors, NHL teams)
    Indiana: (Pacers, Baltimore Colts)
    Michigan: (Pistons, Tigers, Red Wings)

    I went through the Browns move in 1995 and it was pretty shitty going three years without a team. It blew. Looking back on it, I wish it was the Indians who moved.

  • I actually did less on Wednesday night than Tuesday night. I really was doing the equivalent of "carb loading" for a marathon, when in reality I just sat around and didn't want to drink in preparation for this upcoming long-ish weekend. I made it through the evening, played on the Internet, went outside for a little bit and saw cpn. She ain't dead!

  • No real great links or anything today. I'm heading back to Youngstown tomorrow for the day so the bloggings may be short, sweet and to the Gross Pointe Blank.

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