Friday, July 25, 2008

Not 'Short' on ugly old ladies

(Short North street walker taking a rest)

Blog on the Run editor

Whenever you hear someone say the word "misconception" they usually follow it with a positive anecdote about the subject of the "misconception."

(i.e. You know, a lot of people think that McDonald's in the German Village has shitty service and it takes 21 minutes in the drive-thru lane to get two hash browns and an orange juice. That's a misconception. The service is great! I went and it only took me nine minutes and no cars were in front of me!)

Monkey wrench time.

There's a misconception around Columbus that the Short North is the home of the good looking and well-to-do. Well, maybe there's a lot of well-to-do people.

Dude there are some serious trolls walking around that area of town. The Short North has far more weirdo-looking people than the German Village. Go eat lunch at Betty's in a window seat facing High Street at around noon.

Think about it ... do you ever see the homeless strange when eating at the Mohawk or Club 185? (OK, you do have a point about the High Beck. ... And that is on High Street so that kind of blows my entire argument.)

I have never seen so many 80-something homeless, looking old ladies. The males seemed to top out around the age of 73.

It's probably harder being a homeless woman, so I'm surprised they live longer.

At least they do in the Short North.

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