Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whistler tips

Blog on the Run columnist

Welcome to week three of trendy’s blogging about stuff you no doubt ignore. If you’ve made it this far, I say congratulations and thank you.

Well, it was the week of politics that wasn’t. Nothing is really going on other than Jesse Jackson’s whisper campaign against BHO’s genitals. I’m sure Jesse will forgive him when he is appointed ambassador to Ghana. Seriously though, it’s been very boring this past week, even for me.

"Meet the Press" has been Meet the Depressed lately (stole that one from AMG’s dad). Can we get a permanent new host already? I thought Tony Snow would have been great. RIP, Tony. Instead, we find out Mr. Brokaw will moderate through the election. Glad he’s fair and all. His voice is pretty cool, but he’s always looks like he has to take a shit. Perhaps he does. He was wailing on McCain’s so-called flip-flopping today. At least NBC is finally owning up to their bias. I think all networks should just say who they favor and run with it. Think of it … some channels, like ESPN, could be like, “Don’t be a hater, vote for women’s athletics, arena football, poker, the X Games, and Nader.” Others, like the History Channel, could be like “Bob Barr or bust!”

In Ohio, the GOP is still fumbling around trying to figure out who should run for AG. This is truly sad. Can’t we find one person who wants to run? What about the Truth? I think he would bring a refreshing candor to the office. Yeah.

On a side note that I must get off my chest, I’m glad to see some commenting on posts, such as McGinley, who claims he saw the infamous “Whistle Tip” news story “five years ago.” Granted, McGinley holds a top secret job. No one knows what he does, but we know it’s cool and important. So for that, perhaps McGinley had access to YouTube back in 2003 while the rest of us had to wait until 2005. Or perhaps McGinley was living in Oakland in 2003 and regularly watched the late night news. I suppose I wouldn’t put anything past the artist formerly known as ghost. Still, the Whistle Tip never gets old. My boy Bubb Rubb.


Athlete said...

I too saw the whistler tip video abour 5 years ago. It's like an alarm clock. Suppose be up cookin breakfas oh summin.. WOO WOOO. Still love it. But if you really do love that then check this as well...


Athlete said...

Also it wasn't on youtube 5 years ago... it was on