Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miller High Life commercial makes no sense

Blog on the Run editor

I don't mind the Miller High Life "High Life, Reclaimed" commercials featuring Windell Middlebrooks. Although I don't think $11.50 for a hamburger is THAT bad.

But there's a commercial when the deliveryman enters Sky Box 228 (a private lodge) in section "right up here in La Te Da" at a baseball game. After the Miller High Life guy can't find an answer to "what inning are we in?" from the nicely dressed, hoyte toyte crowd, he starts removing the Miller High Lifes from Sky Box 228. A crowd like that, in a lodge at a baseball game, doesn't deserve Miller High Lifes, Middlebrooks explains.

Middlebrooks' character continues:
"The High Life is about sitting in the sun ... (pause) ... (incredulously) watching your favorite pitcher get lit up?!?"
Deliveryman must be rooting for the road team because all the other fans are cheering wildly as he pounds on the glass separating the well-to-do in the lodge from the normal folks out in the seats.

Commenting that he needs to "smell me a hot dog or somethin'," the deliveryman is outside less than ten seconds later and this time he starts cheering with the crowd.

So in ten seconds there must have been ...

Actually, there's no explanation. You can't be wildly complaining about a pitcher (against the wishes of the crowd) and be outside less than 10 seconds later cheering with that same crowd.

It defies the rules of baseball ... and I assume, the rules of the High Life.


Anonymous said...

Made sense to me.

-New England Red Sox fan

Brandon said...

I think you are over thinking it. It made sense to me, also.

Anonymous said...

well i can understand your interpretation... but try this scenario: The team in which said pitcher is getting "lit up" could be at the plate in the midst of a rally. Just because the pitcher is getting "lit up" in the game doesn't mean he is on the mound at that particular moment.

So your next argument would be... well then how does he know his favorite pitcher is in the game? My answer to that is simple, if you're a true fan, you know your team's starting 5 by heart.

My next point: It's advertising, what do you expect!

here's my question for you, which is why i got caught on this blog in the first place. what stadium is that at???

Anonymous said...

The pitcher getting "lit up" means he's tired and giving up too many hits. After our Miller guy says this, he bangs on the glass and yells, "take him out!"

My interpretation is that midway through his sentence he is realizing what's going on and has to stop his thought and address it, along with the crowd.

It makes perfect sense, and if you're familiar with the names Pedro, Grady Little, and Aaron Boone, you'd be able to understand why the crowd is "cheering."