Friday, July 11, 2008

More news on the murder

Bout time to get ready to meet McGinley and The Godfather at the High Beck. Gorgeous night thus far.

Anyway, here's some more news on the German Village murder. Lady sounds like a hoot. I don't ever recall seeing her.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

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Anonymous said...

holy crap. i know exactly who this woman is. when i decided to move to america, i made an appointment to see one of her properties on 3rd, right next to overpriced-inger's. when i arrived to see the place, she was waiting outside becasue she had just called the cops on one of her tenants - my would-be next door neighbor, who was sitting on his stoop, singing "glory glory halleluiah." needless to say, i bailed on that apt and opted to become cpn.

true story.