Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A big, a big hot sun

  • People are stupid.

    The sun is in the northeast corner of the Columbus sky around 9:02 a.m. It's basically in the Youngstown of the big blue. God knows the sun never shines in Youngstown. Seriously, God knows. He's the one who created the sun and such.

    So let's say you're driving due north on a busy two-lane commercial road. Speed limit is 45 miles per hour. Those people with little man's disease (cops) are notorious f.o.r hanging out there and issuing speeding tickets. Most people go about 50 or 51 MPH.

    The fuck is someone doing walking RIGHT AGAINST THE SIDE OF THE ROAD about two inches from oncoming traffic? Trying to smell the coffee-breath of those passing by? Hoping for a one-second hand job?!? Unless you have a death wish, how about walking a few, oh I don't know, feet from the passing cars? The guy probably walked at least a mile and endured 11 or 12 near death experiences. His blatant "it's legal but fucking retarded to walk here" resulted in 11 or 12 left-of-center violations.

    People, people, people.

  • Well, they got me to July. I know I've called the season over before. I know other people have too. Well, this is really it. The Pure Suck Tribe is 10.5 games out with about 80 games to go. It's over. Not even I will watch them every night. I likely won't watch another game from first pitch to final out. How Andy Marte and Jeremy Sowers are on a major league roster is beyond me and probably everyone else in baseball, except for the Indians front office. In the past seven months, I've announced the Indians to have four games in which they have a zero percent chance of winning: Game 7 of the ALCS, a Wednesday afternoon home game in May against the White Sox, a Thursday night game in June at Colorado and last night's 9-7 loss to Chicago (beating was far worse than the score indicated). They're 0-4 in those games. One good note from last night? Jim Thome officially passed Rasheed Wallace as No. 2 on my all-time least favorite athlete list. The list?

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Jim Thome
    3. Rasheed Wallace

    When you add those in the industry, the list grows to include Art Modell, Markie Shy-pie-row and Eric Ass Wedge.

    The gap between the top three athletes and the rest is so great that I don't even care to continue with the list.

  • The Truth texted me last night about heading to "the Club." I stayed in most of the night save for some time I dilly-dallied around Schiller Park. It may not rain today. That's unreal.

    It's also July 1. The year is about half over.

    The Tribe's season? That's all over.

  • - Compiled by Art McGregor

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