Monday, July 21, 2008


We struggled at softball on Thursday night. We fell 17-6 in a shortened five-inning game. This means we were "run ruled" and forced to quit. I only post quickly after the games when we win. I wait four days between losses.

I made two errors in my brief stint at first base and our shortstop, The Skipper, shouted for the mid-inning position change.

His 92-MPH rocket balls from his position against a glaring sun, had nothing to do with our problems at first base throughout the game. He seemed to take Thursday's game with more seriousness than any previous game. More serious than any player in the Eastern Men's Rec League history. Maybe he had a serious problem with DOA, the team that obliterated us with about 25 base hits in five innings. But good thing The Skipper ordered us to play infield in ... in a softball game ... with no outs and runners on first and third in the second inning of a 3-2 game. I don't know about that decision. I think you just go for the single out there considering the team we played had tons of tattoos and seriously hit every ball on a frozen rope. The Godfather noticed and commented on The Skipper's managerial style on the GVM post-game radio show.

The good thing about the position change was that I got to play in the outfield next to McCampus. I said this to our buddy, "I'd hate to play against you." The guy doesn't shut up in mocking the other team with chants of "nice BB!" and "way to watch those pitches go by and walk!" All were funny.

I did some good things with the bat, collecting another RBI and actually getting a hit to the outfield. Finished 1 for 2, with an RBI and run scored on this night. This is big news for a slappy hitter like myself. As you would imagine, I'd probably be a total wuss in fights and likely just try to slap the other person while cowering into a fetal position.

We're not playing this week but will have our last game on Thursday, July 31. That means the season stretched from April to August and we played nine games. What is this? Major League Lacrosse?

We're 2-5-1 now. We'd be contending in the National League West.

- From the desk of Art McGregor

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