Monday, July 21, 2008

Where memories are made

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In the context of living in the German Village, and having a group of people I'm used to seeing, this will be the weekend I'll look back on in say, "you know, that summer of 2008 wasn't too bad."

I'm having a great summer. Even-yeared summers are awesome. Yeared probably isn't a word but might come in handy if you ever need to rhyme a non-word with beard.

Sometimes memories fade together and it feels like things lasted longer than they actually did or that you did shit like that all the time. Two examples are the summer of '06. (I'll get to the other one later in this 'graph.) Hurricane Ifene only really hung out with us for six weeks that summer. It felt like 30. That's not a bad thing. It's not that that time made the summer seem longer in a bad way, it's just I feel like we all have a lot more memories than just six weeks. I mean, fuck. Another is Friday Guyday. Like I'll look back at this spring and think, "man, we always would do the Friday Guyday thing!" We did it three times.

Enough background.

So on Friday night, we went to Gresso's (Lindey's West on that night), High Beck and then Patio. I saw mostly everyone I usually see. I talked to the same people I normally talk to. the Truth got mad when you didn't want to do shots. I ran into two girls at Patio that I've been talking to recently. This chick from Arizona State and this other girl from St. Patrick's Day. I like St. Patrick's Day Girl (SPDG). But she looks different every time I see her. She's a hair stylist. Her hair always looks different. Sometimes shorter hair, sometimes longer, sometimes blonde, sometimes red, sometimes dark. I talked with her for a bit, chilled with the ASU sophomore and then headed home around 4 a.m. Miss July was sleeping on the couch. Maybe she didn't want me to pee on her again. Walking down the steps would have been tough in my state. Great FUCKING night. But that's not the real story.

(SIDE NOTE ABOUT GRESSO'S: I am looking at this dude in a Gresso's shirt and go, "dude, that guy LOOKS LIKE HE SHOULD BE WORKING AT GRESSO'S. And then said, "THAT GUY LOOKS LIKE A GRESSO." The Godfather's correct response? "That is Gresso.")

After about 10 minutes of negativo Godfather at dinner earlier that night, the guy was in a great mood all night. We saw more NJAG-Blinders action. To new readers: Blinders is whenever someone ignores everyone else except their love interest. We met cool Milwaukee Brewers fans at the High Beck, got to see Gahannastan and tons of the Good Lookings at the Patio. The night didn't end. It just kept going.

the Truth also had the greatest toast of all time when he toasted to "getting things back to the way they used to be." Might have been the first time anyone's also refused to toast because of the toast. I've heard a lot of toasts before, but that's the first one to ever involve looking to go back to the past. It's not something the Obama campaign ever would endorse. That's for sure. the Truth's intent was fine. It's just how he said it it kind of made people look around.

Even saw Johnny K and the usual group of hot chicks he's around.

Can't beat the Patio on a warm night in July.

And years from now, when I'm bitching about the shitty summer of 2011 or whatever, I'll think back to this summer and the nights we spent at the Patio and I might throw up a toast to the "way things used to be."

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