Monday, July 14, 2008

'Breaking' news

Blog on the Run editor

I never found Sarah Silverman very funny. She always kinda struck me as sort of normal. I didn't find her attractive either. Maybe this is why I didn't find her funny.

I don't know. I think she gained a lot of attention because she was Jewish. I lived near a Jewish kid freshman year of college and he always vehemently argued that Alicia Silverstone was the hottest woman alive. It's not like I'm out there championing Irish girls. Most Irish girls are ugly.

(They look like this)

Silverman seems like one of those things/people "you're just supposed to like but have no idea why." It's like whenever anyone brings her up, you're supposed to say: "Oh yeah, I like her. She's funny."

I never thought so.

Anyway, apparently she's broken up Jimmy Kimmel. I guess that's sort of news.

Seth claims it's "because of that picture you posted on your blog of me."

That is news.

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Anonymous said...

People thinks she's hot?