Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday afternoon mailbag II

Welcome to Blog on the Run's second Tuesday afternoon mailbag. Here I'll answer questions from readers and non-readers about the week that was and anything else that might come across my mailbag.

Q: Why haven't we seen you more at Club 185 more often this summer? - Alex, Clintonville

A: Great question. I've got nothing against the place. Still like the staff, the location, all of the above. Love the people I see in there. It's just the place brings me down in the summer. I never thought I'd say this, but I get depressed and tired when I'm in that place in the summer. It's usually "where dreams go to die." I will be back come fall (that's about a two-week stretch in late October in Ohio) and beyond. Love spending my nights there in November, December, January, February, March, April and into May. But in the summer? No need. There are better places. But give me a crowd, big jackets, the search for a high top table, and I'm in heaven. I look forward to wanting to go back, but that's not until around Halloween.

Sure, I'll still go in there from time to time before then, but you will not ever hear me say, "let's go to 185." If it's in the German Village, pretty much the only place I'll go willingly in the summer is the High Beck. Won't go to Lindey's and will only go to 185 if there's a consensus on wanting to go there.

Q: What's August look like for you ... and this blog? - Elise, Westerville

A: For the blog, it should be a great month. Just had our one month anniversary, and it's still coming along. I love the weekly features, some of the themes we're laying down, getting something from trendy every week, having a small, but loyal readership.

Starting a blog in the summer is rough but always helpful. It allows you to experiment with some things. Sad thing is, there's not a lot going on. With the mailbag, and the weekly links, we've got two days set where readers know what's coming up. I'd like to expand that to Monday through Friday. I know trendy writes on Mondays and Dr. Willy Loman on Thursdays, or will eventually, but I'd still like more features and what not. I think there's people out there that could fill a lot of needs on this blog and it's just recognizing those folks.

Heading to Chicago on the first day of August for a short weekend with The Godfather and The Dr. It's going to be a lot of fun. The two weekends following that will be two-a-weekends at The Patio and then I got my sister's wedding. Ohio State plays the next Saturday after that. I'm happy. We've only got four more non-college football Saturdays and five more non-NFL Sundays. When you put things into that sort of perspective, it makes it easy.

Football Sundays last for about 20 weeks. That's amazing. They give your week so much more. You don't have any more boring Sundays and it's always Tuesday before you know it. And then it's Thursday and that's the weekend. I'm a big fan.

Q: You had a great stat the other day about July having 22 work days. What's the rest of the year look like? - Mallory, Gahanna

A: I'm proud of myself for that one. I know, right? September only has 21 work days, August ain't bad either. We've got five weekends in the month. That's a rarity. But still, there's only 20 working days in the month and that's amazing for a month without a holiday. Sorry, Madonna.

October (the best month of the year) has 22 days but who's complaining? December's tricky with the Christmas and New Year's, but there are a shitty-tastic 17 working days before Dec. 24.

Good question, Mallory.

Q: Are chicks getting hotter? - Nick, Groveport

A: Yes. Easy question. Girls continue to get better and better looking as we move toward the '10s. I guess we can say tens will be at an all-time time in 2010.

I think girls are more competitive and vain than ever before. We're coming along at a great time in our nation's history.

I'm proud to be an American.

Q: Fantasy sports suck. Are we going to have to hear you guys talk about them a lot? - Jennifer, Hilliard

A: Fantasy sports, especially football, is pretty much all dudes think and/or talk about in the fall. That extends into late July and August.

Had a discussion at lunch today about fantasy football. We'll likely have the same exact conversation for the next five months. I'm not complaining. I'd recommend everyone play. It's sweet. And way better than Tina Yothers.

- From the desk of Art McGregor


Anonymous said...

nothing from steven? way to shaft the dude. - cpn.

The Godfather said...

Why don't you contribute more to WOSU, your local PBS station?


ps. Nick being from Groveport is classic.

Art McGregor said...

Skippy's question was too long. And about Mallory.

Alex's friend Greg tried to mail me something but got killed in a car accident on the way to the post office. He wore an Indians hat at the time of his passing.