Monday, July 7, 2008

We’re stuck up and we’ve been sethed!

Blog on the Run columnist

I was entertained by President Bush’s speech on July 4 honoring 72 individuals who chose to become LEGAL immigrants. Much to my chagrin, Code Pink and other nut jobs were on site to ruin the ceremony. God forbid we honor these fine individuals who probably waited longer than me at 185 for a beer.

Nope. Can’t do that. Gotta let these folks who grew up on daddy’s money, felt guilty about said money, have no job, and feel the urge to show up at Bush’s speeches with UVA t-shirts scream "fascism" with the hopes of making the evening news. What a life. They’re like vapids, only they like to whine at speeches instead of drink wine at Club 185.

Did anyone else hear? Barack Obama has "recalibrated" his position on Iraq. That’s funny. I thought he "sethed" that issue. For those not familiar with the term, to "seth" something is to act like Seth, which usually means to mooch and waiver like McCampus on a Thursday night in February (sorry, Seth, but it’s true). Like this one time, I asked Seth if he wanted to go up to a Tribe game last summer (what was I thinking?). Anyhow, Seth said he was in and that he was going to "hook up the beers!" Well, we drive up to C-town, and of course, Seth did not pay for gas. He proclaimed he would be "hooking up the beers," and thus should not pay for any gas. Fair enough. Anyhow, after said proclamations of hook ups, along comes the seventh inning stretch, and no beers had been purchased by Seth. Sure enough, Seth gets up in the bottom of the seventh and tries to score a round of beers. He told me that he’d make it up to all of us with a round of 20 beers (five apiece). Well, of course, five minutes later, Seth comes back with four cups of water. His explanation for no beers? "Hey, not my fault they stopped selling beer. I still hooked it up. You owe me." So yeah, Obama sethed us this week on Iraq.

See ya next week.

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