Friday, July 11, 2008


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Just got back from a lunch at El Vaquero. Didn't realize it pretty much only is an Ohio restaurant. There are some locations in Toledo and Michigan.

One thing really enthused me about the Gahanna location. On television they were showing ESPN DEPORTES. Baseball highlights in Spanish! That's awesome and makes total sense. Mexican restaurants should be showing that shit during the daytime. Even at night! It adds to the ambiance.

As some that have read me for some time know, I hate when bars just blindly put on ESPN and ESPN2. It makes no sense in this age and day where regionalized sports networks have the mostest bevy of the live sports coverage in the summer months. Bar Louie is the worst at this practice. Ever go in there on a Friday night? Not that I have recently, but you'll find "Baseball Tonight" (on mute) and "World Series of Poker" reruns on until they serve their last Bud Light. Fuckin' turn on STO or FSN Kentucky. Hell, pony up and get the baseball package - Eddie George Grill stlyes. (ALSO, why the fuck do some places throw an E on the end of grill?)

You can pretty much put an e on any wordd that ends in a double consonant. The last name Clarke also plays with this phenomenon. I have no idea how to spell the last word in the previous sentence. And it doesn't even end in an e. That I know of.

Well, lunch was tasty. You can't go wrong with that place. My bill today? $7.39. I know a guy who once at $17 of food there. That's a lot.

I'm still more excited about the channel they showed, however. The one that begins with an E.

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